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How does EKO-Fill protect your products?

The odourless, white EKO-Fill chips compress to form an impenetrable mould around the product, preventing it from migrating to the bottom of the carton. The surrounding chips provide high level shock and impact protection for your goods, eliminating breakages. Our teams are manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of packing peanuts, granules, beads and loose fill in Mumbai India to worldwide. EKOFill guarantees this superior performance for all products; from delicate fine china and sensitive electronic equipment to heavy mechanical components.

EKO-Fill 100% biodegradable but does it performed as well as polystyrene?

Yes, if not better! Independent tests by Brunel University and the University of Humberside show that EKO-Fill prevents product migration and provides better impact protection than polystyrene.

EKO-Fill is made from starch. What difference does that make?

EKO-Fill is biodegradable and fits in with En13432, making it appropriate for local or metropolitan manure. It will break down in water which wipes out the issue of littering. Starch is a yearly sustainable asset, not a draining asset like petrochemical based polystyrene.

Is the production process environmental?

Yes! We utilize a low vitality, single stage generation process, contrasted with the multi arranged and high vitality process utilized for creating polystyrene. EKO-Fill utilizes steam rather than pentane gas as the blowing specialist.

How will my customers and I be affected by the Waste Packaging Legislation?

Contrasted with polystyrene you and your clients will have a lower reusing and recuperation commitment and affordable price.

Does it attract rodents?

No, there is close to nothing of significant worth in either item to be appealing to rodents. On the off chance that rodents are as of now on the premises, hello has been known to settle in all loose fill items including polystyrene. The nearness of EKO-Fill won't empower rodents into the stockroom.

EKO-Fill compresses more than polystyrene. Does this mean I will use more ?

No. If you use 10 Liters of polystyrene you will use 10 Liters of EKO-Fill. We store over 1 tonne of chips in our bulk storage hoppers and the chips maintain their performance.